Peter Krausz : Photographs 1969 - 2015

Sandra Paikowsky and Victoria LeBlanc

McClure Gallery

76 pp 70 ill. 9.5 x 8.5 in softcover
$24.95 Can. $26.95 U.S.
August 2015

spacerThe Romanian-born Canadian artist is well known for his richly-coloured, large-scale landscape paintings but less so for his photography. This publication fills that gap by featuring a selection of never before seen photographic work spanning four decades. Much like his paintings, autobiography is at the core of Krausz’s photographs in that they document the journeys of a relentless traveler. Both his photographs and paintings project entrancing worlds where the narrative of embattled and embittered histories are implied but never named. There are however marked differences in the artist’s approach to the two disciplines. While the paintings deny the presence of the people who work and live upon the land depicted, the photographs deny the landscape in favour of people in interiors and urban settings. An essay and an interview with the artist accompany 70 illustrations. Born in Brasov Romania in 1946, Peter Krausz studied at the Bucharest Academy of Fine Arts before immigrating to Montreal where he continues to live and work. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the country since the 1970s. In English and French.

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