Writing Topography.
The Marion McCain Exhibition of Contemporary Atlantic Art

Corinna Ghaznavi

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
163 pp 74. col. ill. 9 x 10.5 in softcover  
$24.95 Can. $27.95 U.S.
October 2015

writingtopo.jpgspacerTwenty-four artists from all four Atlantic Canadian provinces consider the imaginary and geographic role of place. Probing beneath the surface of the landscape, the artists reveal complex layers of histories and mythologies, and critique the notion of landscape as ‘natural,’ uncovering and examining how technologies, socio-political agendas, and economics mark the geographic. A wide range of work ranging from photography to installation, painting, sculpture, intervention and performance explores the idea of invisible landscapes, and challenges the demarcation, colonization, and militarization of the land. The artists investigate how memory, histories and mythologies mark place and expose how habitats have been radically altered by artificial boundaries. By responding to both specific Atlantic Canadian narratives, as well as broader concepts of place, this publication showcases artists who map the real and imagined marks made by human habitation and technological progress. In English and French. The artists : Robert Bean, Gerald Beaulieu, Jennifer Belanger, Remi Belliveau, Jordan Bennett, Kay Burns, Amanda Dawn Christie, Richard Davis, Leah Garnett, Pam Hall, Mark Igloliorte, Navarana Igloliorte, Ursula Johnson, Philippa Jones, Stephen Kelly, Eleanor King, Fenn Martin, Michael McCormack, Kim Morgan, Nigel Roe, Sara Roth, Anna Torma, Gerald Vaandering, Kim Vose Jones.

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