Gerald Ferguson

Gerald Ferguson: Frottage Works 1994 - 2006 & Ash Can Paintings 2006
Gerald Ferguson & Susan Gibson Garvey

This publication provides an overview of Ferguson's 15-year exploration of "frottage," including fireback paintings, clothes line abstractions, rod, rope and hose works, drop cloth paintings, and fence and drain cover pieces, among others, as well as his most recently finished series Ash Can Paintings. Opposite each image is a text by the artist that documents the development and progress of each series.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (07/2007) 40 pp col. ill. 8 x 9.5 in softcover 978-0-7703-274-9-1 $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

Lines Painted in Early Spring
Patrick Mahon

Referencing the poem by Wordsworth in which he sets forth the classic opposition between nature and culture, Mahon presents four Canadian artists whose engaging and often lyrical work embodies the fusion and collision of nature and culture. These artists show painting as a language capable of addressing ideas concerning space and landscape through painterly means that propose the mutual agency of human culture and the "ground" that surrounds it. Adopting the metaphor of marking lines upon the road, the exhibition proposes a space for painting where inventive ideas about representation cross-pollinate to produce a complex yet continuous expanse. With work by Gerald Ferguson (Halifax), Be Reeves (Victoria), Carmen Ruschiensk and Francine Savard (Montréal). In English and French.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2003) 78 pp 25 col. ill. 9.5x6.5 in softcover 189469922x $20.00 Can./U.S. (14 euros)

Gerald Ferguson: 1,000,000 Grapes
Ingrid Jenkner

Strongly identified with the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where he has taught for thirty years, Ferguson has persisted in a practice of painting governed by an invariably reductive ethic. '1,000,000 Grapes' is a parallel publication to the artist's book of the same name produced in 1998 and contains an artist's statement, essay and biography.

Art Gallery Mount Saint Vincent University (1999) 20 p., 2 col ill. (with 1 foldout) 8x7.5 in. 1895215846 $10.00