Kelly Mark: Everything is Interesting

Jonathan Watkins, Christina Ritchie and Dan Adler

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

250 pp 70 col .ill 10 x 8 in hardcover  
$25.00 Can. $30.00 U.S.
February 2015

kellymark.jpgspacerKelly Mark’s metaphysical preoccupations with time are brilliantly explored in this twenty-year career monograph. Mark's use of a wide range of media - drawing, video, photography, sculpture, performance - allows her to develop ongoing chronologies that trace shifting concerns and interests inflected by the saturated landscape of media and signs upon which they draw. Her persistence in marrying high art and working class culture produces an astonishing range of minimalist artworks that re-work conceptual strategies such as process and repetition. By rigorously applying herself to numerous repetitive mundane tasks (for which she dutifully clocks in and out) Mark finds startling moments of pathos, humour, and poetry. The earliest works are concerned with processes mechanically performed: Mark would set herself a task and follow it through methodically, thereby echoing an industrial mode that found its appropriate counterpoint in the concerns of Minimalism, process art, and early Conceptualism. More recent focus has shifted from the tautological nature of “a work made by time spent working,” and the compaction of time within the mark-making, to frame the poignant actions of others and the residual flotsam of the everyday. Mark’s trajectory is analyzed and celebrated though original scholarly essays, personal reflections from numerous artists and curators, as well as dozens of colour plates featuring her site-specific projects, installations, videos, public interventions, performances, ubiquitous punch cards, and much more. With an introduction by Barbara Fischer.

Contributions by Craig Buckley, Cedar Tavern Singers, Brian Joseph Davis, Alan Dunn, Dave Dyment, Robert Enright, Jonathan Safran Foer, Jen Graves, Kristen Horton, Ingrid Jenkner, Germaine Koh, Sara Krajewski, Micah Lexier, David Liss, Robin Metcalfe, Gabrielle Moser, Jenifer Papararo, James Prior, Christopher Régimbal, Eileen Sommerman, Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles, and Terri Whitehead. Published in collaboration with Blackwood Gallery, the Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Kenderdine Art Gallery, and the Cambridge Galleries to accompany a nationally touring exhibition.

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