Phantom Presence:
Contemporary Photography in New Brunswick

Karen Ruet and Terry Graff

Beaverbrook Art Gallery
102 pp 87 ill. (54 col.) 11 x 9 in softcover  
$14.95 Can. $17.95 U.S.
June 2015

phntompresence.jpgspacerThis overview of the work of 16 contemporary photographers explores the “phantom” qualities of the art form through a diversity of approaches, technologies and aesthetic viewpoints. Refuting the widespread belief that photography offers a realistic reproduction of the world, these artists create work that is elusive, deceptive, and mysterious. Their work captures shadows or reflections of the past that somehow exists in the present, proving photography to be an uncanny medium. Two original essays are interspersed with individual presentations of each artist. The artists: Jaret Belliveau, Kyle Cunjak, Oliver Flecknell, Rachael Flett, Julie Forgues, Mathieu Léger, Evan Rensch, Karen Stentaford, Christina Thomson, Carol Collicut, Amanda Dawn Christie, Frédéric Gayer, Paul Griffin, Peter Gross, Annie France Noël, Sophie Polanski and Vitaly Korneeva, Neil Rough, and Karen Ruet. In English and French.


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