Michael Fernandes

Michael Fernandes: Room of Fears
Jayne Wark & Peter Dykhuis

'Room of Fears' is one of Fernandes' signature performance installations. Prior to the exhibition the artist invites members of the public to anonymously submit phrases in which they outline their fears. He then transcribes them onto a room-sized black board, thereby creating a physical incarnation akin to automatic writing. The authors explore this and other works by Fernandes in terms of their capacity to transform private experiences into public testimonies.

Art Gallery Mount Saint Vincent University (09/2006) 72 pp 23 ill. 5 x .5 in 1-894518-34-9 $8.00 Can./U.S. (6 euros)

Lecture Notes
Jody Berland

Since so many artists teach in post-secondary institutions it follows that their art engages with teaching and learning as performance. The art here restages the lecture as a content-free spectacle, a celebrity forum and an occasion for daydreaming. With works by Michael Fernandes, Suzy Lake, John Marriott and Joseph Beuys.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2005) 30 pp ill. 8 x 6 in spiral bound 1-894518-24-1 $12.00 Can./U.S. (10 euros)