Ted Smith

Roger Boulet and Charo Neville

Kamloops Art Gallery
96 pp 60 col. ill. 12 x 12 in hardcover 
$29.95 Can. $34.95 U.S.
July 2014

tedsmith.jpgspacer.gifFive decades of work are featured in this brilliantly illustrated monograph documenting the first retrospective exhibition of the painter’s career in over 20 years. Ted Smith is a master of colour and knows how paint can convey the most subtle feelings and how abstract elements, influenced by the natural environment, can change the fundamental nature of a work. His work is informed by the surrounding landscape and he has always felt comfortable moving between the representational and the abstract. Sometimes a landscape is depicted through fine brushstrokes and a definition of form; sometimes it is present only through subtle reference. Most often his paintings contain a tension between the two. It is this bold approach to landscape, or more accurately, his interest in the act of painting, that defines Smith’s artistic practice. Ted Smith was born in Vernon, British Columbia in 1933 and did not immediately pursue an artistic career. Only in 1960 did he enter the Vancouver School of Art where he trained with artists such as Roy Kiyooka and Jack Shadbolt. Smith has remained a prolific painter for the past many decades and continues to paint into his 80s. His works can be found in major collections throughout the country.

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