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RE: collection 
at Confederation Centre Art Gallery

Kevin Rice

confederationcollection.jpgspacer.gifRE: collection explores the building of an art collection as a reflection of Canada as an evolving country, its history, geography and people. This focus on Canadian art and artists published for the 150th anniversary of the Confederation demonstrates how the Gallery’s 53-year commitment to presenting and collecting Canadian art has changed in light of the many transformations of this country: changes in technology, in how we understand our history, and in the role of artists in our cultural fabric. Drawing from its collection of more than 17,000 art works-objects, the Gallery presents 150 iconic pieces that connect, challenge, and expand our understanding of the history of art in Canada. RE: collection aims to register the shifting narrative through creative juxtaposition and placing works in constructive dialogue. Rather than attempting to recreate the original contexts through the demonstration of a chronological narrative that fixes them in time, the publication addresses the status of historical art works in the present. As such the aim is to generate questions about how Canadians see themselves and their place in the world. Works featured range from Lucy Maude Montgomery’s original manuscript for Anne of Green Gables, the Gallery’s extensive Expo 67 craft collection, as well as a newly commissioned work by Robert Houle. O-ween du muh waum, which translates to We Were Told, a rumination on the Indigenous figure in Benjamin West's painting Death of Wolfe. Kevin Rice is the director of Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery  (08/2017) 178 pp 150 col. ill. 10 x 7 in softcover   9780920089910   $29.95 Can. $34.95 U.S.

Objet : collection 
du Musée d’art du Centre de la Confédération
Kevin Rice

objectcollection.jpgspacer.gifObjet : collection explore la création d'une collection comme réflexion sur le pays en évolution ainsi que sur son histoire, sa géographie et ses habitants. Publiée pour le 150e anniversaire de la Confédération, cette magnifique publication illustre comment un engagement pris il y a 53 ans envers la collection et la présentation d'œuvres d'art canadiennes a évolué au fil des nombreux changements que notre pays a connus - changements technologiques, changements dans la façon dont nous comprenons notre histoire et changements dans le rôle des artistes dans notre tissu culturel. Tiré de sa collection de plus de 17 000 œuvres d’art, le volume présente 150 pièces iconiques qui élargissent notre compréhension de l’histoire de l’art au Canada. Parmi les œuvres présentées on y retrouve La Collection canadienne d’artisanat d’Expo 67 ainsi qu’une nouvelle œuvre de Robert Houle qui est une méditation sur le personnage indigène dans le tableau de Benjamin West La mort de Wolfe. En français.

Musée d’art du Centre de la Confédération (10/2017) 178 pp 150 ill. coul 10 x 7 po souple   9780920089941  $29.95

Karen Stentaford: Island Types
Pan Wendt

stentaford.jpgspacer.gifThe young Canadian photographer uses archaic and experimental photographic techniques to capture the landscapes and people in isolated communities of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Iceland. Her works include archaic tintypes, glass-based negatives, as well as a series of photographs developed in salt water. Time is the implicit subject of Stentaford’s work as it is grounded in the material processes of chemistry, biology and geology. Karen Stentaford has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs, including in Reykjavik, Iceland, and has exhibited in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Poland and Iceland. She currently teaches in the Department of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada. In English and French.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (07/2016) 16 pp 20 ill. (16 bw) 11 x 7.75 in softcover   9780920089897   $10.00 Can. 10.00 U.S.

Hank Bull: Connexion
Pan Wendt, Joni Low, Serge Guilbaut, Alex Muir hankbull.jpgspacer.gifSince the 1970s, Vancouver-based multimedia artist Hank Bull has acted as a connecting figure between artists and artistic communities internationally. Inspired initially by experimental music, mail art, Fluxus, and the absurdist performances associated with Dada and pataphysics, much of his practice has been ephemeral and dialogic, produced for underground audiences in artist-run and improvised contexts. Performance, communication, and the building of networks have thus often eclipsed the production of material things. Yet, material things have played an important role in his career - as documents, as vehicles of communication, as props, and as aesthetic objects in their own right. This career overview considers the material traces of a life lived as art, reconfiguring the immense and varied collection of the artist as a sculptural installation. Running throughout Bull’s practice is a re-examination of the notions of distributed authorship, an affront to received ideas ever more pertinent in the age of information technology. Hank Bull was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1949 and now lives in Vancouver. A multimedia artist as well as an arts administrator, he has been a member of the legendary Western Front Society since 1973. He is the also the founder and executive director of Centre A (Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art) since 1999. His works have been collected by the National Gallery of Canada and many private collectors. In English and French.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery / Burnaby Art Gallery (10/2015) 160 pp col/bw ill. 9 x 6.5 in softcover   9780920089873   $25.00 Can. $25.00 U.S.

Lionel F. Stevenson: Fifty Years of Photography (1962-2012)
Pan Wendt

lionelstevenson.gifspacer.gifThis monograph features works from the lengthy career of distinguished Canadian photographer Lionel Stevenson. Stevenson was working commercially in Toronto by the early 1960s, and was already showing fine art photography in 1964. In the late 1960s he broadened the scope of his practice following a period he spent working under the great American documentary photographer Berenice Abbott. It was Abbott who taught him how to capture a highly personal form of photographic expression, as much through printing technique as through selection of the initial shot, and that aesthetic quality was possible no matter what the photograph's ostensible function. Stevenson's unique approach is evident here with work drawn from many sources: commercial practice, documentary commissions, and more personal projects, including his acclaimed series Elders of Prince Edward Island.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (07/2013) 73 pp 77 ill. (8 col). 10.5 x 8.5 in softcover  978-0-920089-77-4   $24.95 Can. $29.95 U.S.

Dan Steeves: The Memory of Pain
Tom Smart
thememoryofpain.gifspacer.gifThe past three decades of Dan Steeves' artistic career as a printmaker have been punctuated by his evolving exploration of the theme of how good and evil battle for the souls of the living. The Memory of Pain examines an intensely personal trauma that afflicted his family. The prints comprising this exhibition are depictions of home and of the ruins of the Second World War Austrian slave labour and Jewish concentration camp at Mauthausen. Steeves' personal struggle and its lingering memories are points of departure for a compelling artistic exploration of an encounter with pain and suffering and its transformative, mortal aspects.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (04/2013) 42 pp 21 bw ill. 11 x 8.5 in softcover  978-0-920089-75-0  $10.00 Can. $12.00 US

Elaine Harrison: I Am An Island That Dreams

Jane Ledwell, Kevin Rice and Douglas Sobey

eharrison.gifspacer.gifTeacher, poet, environmentalist and visual artist Elaine Harrison (1915-2003) contributed uniquely to the cultural life of Prince Edward Island, Canada’s island province. This retrospective publication features 50 paintings together with selected poems and considers her decades of spirited involvement in the arts. Harrison was inspired by the work of the Group of Seven and Emily Carr, particularly their engagement with nature. In her most compelling work, one senses a deep experience of the landscape and the atmospheric effects of weather, light, and seasonal colour. With three original essays.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (10/2011) 60 pp 50 col. ill. 8.5 x 10.5 hardcover  978-0-920089-73-6  $24.95 Can. $26.95 U.S. (20 €)

David Askevold: Cultural Geographies and Other Works

Terry Graff, Petra Rigby Watson, Mike Kelley, Cliff Eyland and David Askevold

daskevold.gifspacer.gifIn the early 1970s David Askevold (1940-2008) became a pioneer of conceptual video and photo art with a unique approach that collapsed formal narrative structures in favour of free-flowing image constructions unfolding in a synergy of visual motifs. This pursuit of unexpected connections between image and meaning lent Askevold’s work a mystical, and at times overtly paranormal, quality. This rare mid-career publication provides a thorough overview of Askevold's career through to the mid-1990s. With a biographical sketch and video notes.

David Askevold is the subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada: October 7, 2011 to January 29, 2012.

Confedaration Centre Art Gallery (1998) 86 pp 50 ill. 11 x 8.5 in softcover  978-0-920089-52-1  $14.95 Can. $17.95 U.S. (12 €)

Steve Higgins: All Things Considered - Thoughts About Cities and History, War and Peace 
Ihor Holubizky, Liz Wylie, Peter Dykhuis & Jeanne Randolph

stevehiggins.gifspacer.gifOver the past 30 years, American-born Canadian artist Steve Higgins, has worked at the intersection of sculpture, architecture and the urban environment with large-scale temporary projects. This publication presents small-scale models and intaglio prints of invented urban locations that remind us how connected we are to the buildings and infrastructures that surround us. Published to document a cross-country tour, this original monograph offers an essay from each participating gallery. Published with Dalhousie Art Gallery, Kelowna Art Gallery and the McMaster Museum of Art.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (03/2011)  978-0-920089-71-2  60 pp col. ill. 10 x 7.5 in softcover  $9.95 Can. $11.95 U.S. (8 euros)


Luis Jacob, Adrain Piper & Pan Wendt

funk.gifspacer.gifFunk is best known as a style of dance music that originated in the African-American community in the 1960s. Funkaesthetics is premised on the idea that Funk constitutes a uniquely rich system of thought. With its interest in ancient Egypt and the allegorical futures of science-fiction and its focus on the figure of the concept of the alien, Funk manifests a vision of time and identity as mutable and open to transformation. This collection of original essays explores the social, political, pedagogical, and aesthetic influences of Funk culture within a trans-historical context. Participating artists include Pedro Bell, George Clinton and Will Munro. Published with the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (06/2010) 128 oo col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 978-0-7727-6075-3 $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S. (12 euros)

Jayce Salloum: History of the Present (Selected Works 1985-2009)

Edited by Jen Budney

This monograph accompanying the first retrospective of this important Canadian artist’s career fills an large gap in contemporary art documentation. There are many reasons for Salloum’s relatively low profile in his home country, including the non-commercial and interdisciplinary nature of his work (photography and video practices, collaborative, community-based work, curating and writing) and its extremely broad international focus. Yet Salloum is one of Canada’s most widely recognized artists abroad, where his distinctive commitment to the exploration of personal stories and viewpoints within unstable or uncertain geo-political contexts has led him to collaborations with individuals and communities in places as far-ranging as Palestine, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Lebanon and more. The comprehensive publication brings together diverse and sometimes competing voices of many individuals to reflect upon the impact of Salloum’s production. Contributors include Keith Wallace, Jamelie Hassan, Walid Raad and Haema Sivanesan. Published with the Mendel Art Gallery.

Kamloops Art Gallery / Confederation Centre Art Gallery (11/2009) 112 pp col. ill. 10 x 9 in hardcover 978-1-896359-69-4 $50.00 Can. $55.00 U.S. (40 euros)

Common Threads

Lee Plested

Publication of a group exhibition wof work by international artists interested in knitting and embroidering as an artistic strategy for contemporary art.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2008) unbound pages enclosed in a wool-bound cover 978-920089-67-5 $9.95 Can. 11.95 U.S. (8 euros)

Colleen Wolstenholme: Sugar & Spice

Pan Wendt, Ray Cronin & Jeanne Randolph

Wolstenholme’s multi-media work interweaves artistic convention and highly-charged imagery culled from advertising and the media. The publication documents her success with her sculptures and imagery and examines her most recent work which focuses on representations of the female body, two-dimensional geometry and pattern, and the use of motifs from Islamic visual culture. Published with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Confedertion Centre Art Gallery / Robert Mclaughlin Gallery (12/2008) 48 pp col. ill. 7.5 x 7.5 in hardcover 978-0-920089-69-9 $12.95 Can. $15.95 U.S. (10 euros)

Thaddeus Howlonia: Station, Irving Architectural Landscapes
Shauna McCabe & Annmarie Adams

The Irving Oil Company has long played an important role in the economic and cultural landscape of Eastern Canada. Its holdings, ranging from the country's largest refinery to the western hemisphere's first deep-water terminal, also include the ubiquitous Irving gas station. Thaddeus Howlonia, with his trademark panoramic photography, has documented dozens of these structures over twenty five years, often photographing the same station years apart. His work reveals the complex interaction these boxy modernist structures with their material clutter have with a region known for its traditional, picturesque vernacular. In English and French.

La Irving Oil Company a joué un rôle important dans le développement des paysages culturels des provinces des maritimes. Le photographe Thaddeus Howlonia s'intéresse ici particulièrement aux stations-service de la compagnie qui font depuis plusieurs décennies partie du paysage social. En photographiant ces stations, certaines à différentes époques, Howlonia nous révèle l'interaction complexe entre ces structures modernistes et leur région réputée pour son architecture vernaculaire, traditionnelle et pittoresque.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (10/2005) 56 pp 629 ill. 9.5 x 9 in softcover 0-920089-63-1 $9.95 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

From Our Land : The Expo 67 Craft Collection / De notre pays : la Collection canadienne d'artisanat d'Expo 67
Lee Plested

Gathered from across the country to be displayed at Expo 67, these works were subsequently purchased by the gallery. This publication provides insight into the 60s craft movement and its interpretation within contemporary art and culture at one historical moment. Abundantly illustrated, this publication explores issues of collecting on a national level. With dozens of artist biographies. In English and French.

Cette publication nous présente une exposition d'oeuvres d'artisanat originalement mise sur pieds le Pavillon du Canada lors d'Expo '67. Cet assemblage d'oeuvres était un geste conscient de synthèse : les matériaux, pratiques et régions géographiques variés de cette collection ont faits ressortir une iconographie et un style nettement canadien via son évocation de l'identité, de l'histoire et de l'expérience nationale. En français et anglais.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2004) 72 pp 77 col. ill. 11 x 9 in 0-920089-59-3 $9.95 Can./ U.S. (8 euros)

Beauty Queens
Lisa Baldissera et al
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2004) 110 pp 56 col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 0-88885-218-5 $15.95 (13 euros)

Littoral Documents
Shauna McCabe et al
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2004) 60 pp 44 ill. (11 col.) 10 x 8 in softcover 0-920089-55-0 $9.95 (8 euros)

To A Watery Grave
Andrew T. Hunter
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2004) 100 pp 39 ill. 7.5 x 6 in hardcover 0-920089-57-7 $9.95 (8 euros)

Shauna McCabe
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2002) 32 pp 9 ill. (8 col.) 6 x 5.5 in softcover 0-920089-47-X $6.95 (6 euros)

E. Nancy Stevens: In Transit
Gil McElroy
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2000) 30 pp 18 col. ill. 11 x 7 in 0-920089-88-7 $6.95 (6 euros)

Gerald Beaulieu: X-Ray Specs
Gil McElroy
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2000) 28 pp 16 ill. (8 col.) 8 x 6 in 0-920089-80-1 $4.95 (4 euros)

Ray Cronin
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (2000) 32 pp 21 ill. (7 col.) 10 x 8 in 0-920089-82-8 $4.95 (4 euros)

There are no limits: The Work of Hermenegilde Chiasson
Charlotte Townsend Gault et al
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1999) 176 pp 64 ill. (14 col.) 7 x 5 in softcover 0-920089-74-7 $6.95 (6 euros)

Erica Rutherford: The Human Comedy
Ray Cronin
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1998) 46 pp 36 ill. (20 col.) 8.5 x 11 0-920089-60-7 $4.95 (4 euros)

Paul Édouard Bourque: Six Inventions
Roslyn Rosenfeld
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1997) 24 pp 12 ill. (4 col.) 6 x 6 in 0-920084-56-9 $1.95 (2 euros)

Mister Man: Paintings by Brian Burke
Terry Graff
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1996) 36 pp 40 col. ill. 11 x 8.5 in 0-920089-50-X $6.95 (6 euros)

Gothic Dreams: The Architecture of William Critchlow Harris 1854-1913
Robert C. Tuck
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1995) 150 pp 301 ill. (23 col.) 9 x 12 in softcover 0-920089-41-0 $14.95 (13 euros)

John Greer: Civilization
Cliff Eyland
Confederation Centre Art Gallery (1992) 24 pp 25 ill. (15 col.) 11 x 9 in 0-920089-25-9 $4.95 (4 euros)