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Lyla Rye: Cyclorama
Caoimhe Morgan-Feir and James Campbell

lylarye.jpgspacerFeaturing still images, single channel videos, and mixed media installations, Cyclorama looks to the theatrical curtain as a device to conflate illusion and reality, dreaming and wakefulness, audience and participant. Between the "cyclorama," typically a concave curtain at the rear, and the front curtains framing the scene, the stage becomes a liminal zone between everyday life and the imaginary world at play. The publication is comprised of 50 horizontally and vertically interlocking pages enclosed within an elegant slipcase.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2014) 50 pp col. ill. 9.5 x 6.5 softcover   9781894699624   $30.00 Can. $30.00 U.S.

Jason de Haan: Noghwhere Bodili is Everywhere Goostly
Richard Rhodes, Nicholas Brown, Candice Hopkins, Ryan Doherty, David Diviney, Crystal Mowry, and Gustaf Sobin 

jasondehaan.gifspacerThis publication is the most comprehensive and significant monograph on the work of Jason de Haan to date. Original essays by a wide range of contributors, illustrations of remarkable works, and a foil stamped and embossed cloth cover of the artist’s own design, transform this book into an exquisite art object. Richard Rhodes is an author and Editor of Canadian Art magazine. Nicholas Brown is a curator and author who has contributed to Fillip, Hunter and Cook, and C Magazine. Candice Hopkins is the Elizabeth Simonfay Curatorial Resident, Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Canada. David Diviney is Curator of Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Crystal Mowry is Senior Curator at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery. Ryan Doherty is Director/Curator at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Jason de Haan is a Calgary-based multidisciplinary artist whose work has been shown across Canada, and in the USA, Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Iceland and the UK. He was shortlisted for the 2012 Sobey Art Award, Canada’s most prestigious contemporary art prize. The initiating exhibition for this publication is touring the country throughout 2013-2014 and is produced in collaboration with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (01/2014) 176 pp 100 col. ill. 9.5 x 6.5 in hardcover  9781894699617  $30.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

Common Ground: Yvonne Lammerich, Jean van Wijk and Nicholas Wade

Andrew Payne

commonground.gifspacerThree artists approach their practices through various strategies that link their production to architecture and the built environment. Toronto artist Yvonne Lammerich’s work speaks to the complexity inherent in the exploration of architectural space creating a language which defies epistemological constructs. Working in The Hague, Netherlands, Jean van Wijk considers architectural space as a social construct and imagination leads him to create new realities from everyday subjects and objects. Nicholas Wade is interested in the bodily and emotional effects of the spaces which we commonly occupy and surround ourselves. In his sculpture, he responds to ways that materials hold spaces and, reciprocally, how spaces hold materials. Yvonne Lammerich has exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal and Zayed University, Dubai. Jean van Wijk has shown his work across the Netherlands and in Paris and New York; this publication documents his first Canadian exhibition. Nicholas Wade has exhibited across Canada and has taught art at the University of Lethbridge since 1994.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (12/2013) 64 pp col. ill. 9.5 x 6.5 in softcover  9781894699563  $20.00 Can. $24.00 U.S.

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins: The Collaborationists

Melissa Bennett, Linda Jansma and Christian Viveros-Fauné

collaborationists,jpgspacerThis publication of the Toronto-based duo is the most complete career overview to date. Featured are their signature sculptural and kinetic installations along with several smaller works that together form an experimental journey around the artists’ ideas on modernist art. In particular, cool geometric minimalism is used as part of a strategy of critique within the context of the information age. References to Wikileaks, Google, electronic surveillance, and information suppression are dissimilated within works marked by bright colours, enchanting movements, and humour. It is possible to see this collaborative work as both a playful encounter and a relevant critique of the supposed utopia of total information access. Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins have collaborated since 2000. Their work has been exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada, Albright-Knox and elsewhere. Published with the Art Gallery of Windsor to accompany a cross-country exhibition showing from 2013 to 2016.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (11/2013) 102 pp 66 col. ill. 8.5 x 9.5 in softcover 9781926589787  $25.00 Can. $29.00 U.S.

Keith Langergraber: Theatre of the Exploding Sun

Liz Wylie, Ryan Doherty and Charlotte Townsend-Gault

keith.jpgspacer.gifThis first monograph on the cinematic work of Keith Langergraber focuses on his three-part film entitled Time Traveler Trilogy. The first film, The Theatre of the Exploding Sun, centres around the artist’s alter ego Eton Corrasable making a science fiction fan film that transports him to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake in Utah. In the second film Eton shoots a fan film based on the novel and film by Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris. The third film explores Dr Who fandom and Robert Smithson’s never realized Glass Island project. Langergraber’s work functions on several levels at any given point of engagement: sometimes spoofing the forms it imitates, in other ways, paying homage, both to past artists and achievements in science fiction. Keith Langergraber has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows throughout Canada, the United States, and Asia since 1995. He lives and works in Vancouver.

Kelowna Art Gallery / Southern Alberta Art Gallery (11/2013) 80 pp col. ill. 11 x 8.5 in softcover   978-1-896749-67-9   $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S.

Amanda Cachia, Ernest Callanbach and Anthony Vidler

ecotopia.jpgspacerThis thematic publication of a group exhibition explores the confluence of nature and human intervention that has had both glorious and profoundly dispiriting effects on the world in which we live. Twelve artists approach the natural and built environment with anxiety, humor, irony, amazement and terror. Their vision in an ecotopian one, where the world is neither utopian nor dystopian, neither ideal nor nightmarish. They offer an alternative for postmodern living, where nature and technology can live more harmoniously, without wreaking great havoc on our environment. Through their work they suggest that while this world we live in may be upside down, the new and decaying structures that we have created possess a beauty of decay where objects, monuments, and sites that have been overtaken by weeds, graffiti, wildlife are in fact a new archaeology for a new generation. Participating artists: BGL, David Brooks, Dagmara Genda, Rodney Graham, Isabelle Hayeur,Tristram Lansdowne, Maude Leonard-Contant, Lynne Marsh, Lisa Sanditz, Jennifer Steinkamp, T & T and Kate Wilson.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery / Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (12/2013) 80 pp 40 col. ill. 9 x 8 in hardcover  978-1-897543-20-7  $25.00 Can. $29.00 U.S.

Milutin Gubash
Sylvain Campeau, Sandra Dyck, Annie Gauthier, Katarina Gubash, Marie-Claude Landry, Shirley Madill, Crystal Mowry, and Mathilde Roman
gubash.jpgspacer.gifSerbian-born Canadian artist Milutin Gubash has developed a diverse practice incorporating performance with video, photo and digital installations and focused on the investigation of his own personal, social, and cultural identity. This first monograph examines the overlap of history, humour and authenticity found in his multifaceted practice. Often cast as the lead alongside his family and friends, Gubash employs narrative to blur the boundaries between real, lived lives and the people that we wish we were. Major projects featured include Which Way to the Bastille?, which recounts the story of his father’s life in, and escape from, communist Yugoslavia. These Paintings explores the life of the artist under Communism. The hilarious Born Rich, Getting Poorer is a sitcom-style video series (complete with laugh track) starring Gubash as himself, the Buster Keatonish everyman who embarks on a hapless search for home and for roots, after the recent death of his father. Published to accompany a multi-venue ten year survey of Gubash’s work, the publication includes original essays and complete photographic documentation. Born in Novi Sad, Serbia and living in Montréal, Milutin Gubash has exhibited throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe since 2000. His practice encompasses photography, video, and performance, and regularly features the participation of his family and friends in sitcoms, soap operas, family photos, and improvisational theatre pieces. Co-published with Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Musée d’art de Joliette, Rodman Hall Art Centre, and Carleton University Art Galleryy. In English and French. Note: A DVD is not included as once announced.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery  (03/2013)  192 pp 80 col. ill. 11 x 8 in  hardcover  978-1-897543-19-1  $40.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

Kelly Richardson: The Last Frontier
Kelly Gordon, Holly E. Hughes and Alistair Robinson

richardsonc.gifspacer.gifThis first retrospective publication features an extensive look at the UK-based Canadian born artist’s audiovisual installation works of the last fifteen years, and accompanies a international solo exhibition. Richardson’s works play with the idea of the hyper-real, a notion that due to our increased use of new media can no longer be distinguished from the real or the constructed. In particular she is fascinated by the way in which we connect with landscape, and within her deeply layered practice, she draws on devices from Hollywood science-fiction and horror, landscape painting and wildlife cinematography. The results are complex cinematic installations that present us with locations that appear real but have been subtly doctored with CGI, animation and sound to create an unsettling, otherworldly atmosphere. The lack of any physical human presence enhances the work; often making the scenarios feel like a post-apocalyptic future. Works by Kelly Richardson have been exhibited and screened at notably Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Sundance Film Festival.  Kelly Gordon is associate curator at the Hirshhorn Museum (Washington DC). Holly E. Hughes is curator of the collection at Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo NY). Alistair Robinson is programme director at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (U.K.) Available in four different covers.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (02/2013) 160 pp 60 col. ill. 8.5 x 12 in hardcover  978-1-894699-57-0  $50.00 Can. $55.00 U.S.

Dominique Rey: Erlking / Pilgrims
Josée Drouin-Brisebois and Leon Bernard Johnson

dominiquerey.gifspacer.gifDominique Rey is a photographer, painter, and performance artist whose work is marked by a fascination with the marginal figure. This publication documents two new series, one photographic and the other pictoral. In Erlking, Rey takes on a host of personas linked to the German and Scandinavian mythical creature that lures foolish travelers to their death. Drawing from psychoanalysis and the literay works of Angela Carter, Rey invokes personas in flux. Her painting series Pilgrims shows the influence of her involvement as a performer and attests to the intimate knowledge and experience she invests in her work. Recalling sideshow circus ‘freaks’ and 1950s burlesque, Pilgrims, explores notions of the ‘unbeautiful’ and how the unbeautiful becomes permissible, and even desirable, under the guise of performance and public display. Alterity is a central facet of Rey’s practice. She chooses not to simply document, but to immerse herself within these peripheral cultures. Essayist Josée Drouin-Brisebois is curator of Contemporaray Art at the National Gallery of Canada. Coproduced with Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery  (July 2012) 80 pp 25 col. ill. 10 x 8 in hardcover   978-1-894699-54-9   $40.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

Young & Giroux 
Kenneth Hayes, Jesse Huisken and Mark Lanctôt
YoungGiroux,gifspacer.gifDaniel Young and Christian Giroux have been making art together for nearly ten years. Their sculpture, public art and film installations are the product of an ongoing conversation concerning mid-century modernity, and the production of space and the built environment. This first in-depth monograph provides a career overview as well as an exploration of the duo’s most emblematic project, Beta Boole - sculptures involving Ikea furniture. The term "Boole" comes from the 3D computer modeling operation of adding and subtracting simple forms to generate more complex ones. These pieces of furniture provide both a recognizable and vernacular set of domestic forms, which perversely realize the Modernist goal of universal design through the machinations of globalization. Brancusi, Gordon Matta-Clark, and the Japanese architectural office SANAA are among their critical influences.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (10/2011) 98 pp 30 col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover  978-1-894699-51-8  $30.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

Jon Sasaki: Good Intentions 
Ann MacDonald, Crystal Mowry and Ben Portis

spacer.gifUtilizing video, objects, performance and installation, Jon Sasaki takes cynicism, futility and tragedy as starting points, countering the thematic heaviness with dry, comic delivery. Through a multitude of scenarios where heroic attempts often result in failure, Sasaki evokes the tradition of slapstick cinema and Sasaki himself the figure of Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin. With full-colour illustrations and three critical essays this first monograph looks at themes of failure, pathos, comedy/tragedy and risk as found in Sasaki's romantic conceptual works. Publication accompanying the exhibition of the same name traveling across Canada through to 2013. Jon Sasakai has presented his work in solo exhibitions at artist centres across the country as well in group exhibitions at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (University of Toronto), the Owens Art Gallery (Mount Allison University), and Simon Fraser University Gallery. Jon Sasaki lives and works in Toronto. Published with the Doris McCarthy Gallery. 

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (08/2011) 78 pp 40 col. ill. 11.5 x 8.5 in hardcover  978-0-7727-5412-7  $40.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

Ian Pedigo: Works 2007-2010
Chris Sharp & Lillian Davies
pedigo.gifspacer.gifIan Pedigo's work is located between found-object assemblage and three-dimensional collage. Removing materials from their original context and incorporating their associative qualities in new forms, he creates objects already in a state of temporal change. Homasote, magazine clippings, concrete, fabric, and plastic cups are arranged and integrated so as to coax out poetic visual subtleties. These new structures and formal tableaux are imbued with formal and conceptual concerns proper to both painting and sculpture. Ian Pedigo studied sculpture at the University of Texas at Austin and at the Salzburg Academy of Fine Art. His work has been shown in London (Rokeby), Paris (Cardenas Bellanger), and Brooklyn (Klaus von Nichtssagend). This is the first monograph dedicated to his work. 

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (09/2011)  84 pp 37 col. ill. 10 x 8 in hardcover  978-1-894699-49-5   $25.00 Can. $29.95 U.S.

Billy J. McCarroll: How To Play a Winning Game Your Natural Way
Jeffrey Spalding, Ryan Doherty & Peter White
billy.gifspacer.gifThis major retrospective monograph revisits 40 years of the career of the American-born Canadian artist. McCarroll began in California in the 1960s as a ceramic artist in the context of Funk art along with Peter Voulkos and David Gilhooly. His works were irreverent and infused with humour, and when mixed with the slick surfaces of Los Angeles’ hot rod culture, uniquely his own. Arriving in Alberta in 1971, it was a straight line from his ceramic works coated in industrial paint to his Clome paintings where automotive lacquer on Plexiglas brought an ironic playfulness to Hard-edge painting. In the 1980s, McCarroll’s work became inextricably bound to the image of Sam Snead and the sundry accouterments of golf. As always the works are studies of line, form, surface, colour and process. Illustrated with key examples of McCarroll’s most significant bodies of work from the 1970s to today, three essays reveal how many of the strategies he employs involve cultural and artistic reconfiguration, quotation and transformation.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (03/2011) 158 pp 30 col. ill. 9.5 x 9.5 in hardcover  978-1-894699-50-1   $40.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

Marie-Josée Laframboise: Network Installations

Eve-Lyne Beaudry, Andrea Fatona, Joan Stebbins & Marie-Josée Laframboise

mjlaframboise.gifspacer.gifArtist Marie-Josée Laframboise departs from traditional notions of cartography by constructing original environments out of preexisting spaces. These mixed-media sculptures draw attention to the elasticity of seemingly rigid architectural and geographical boundaries. Merging her interests in mathematics, architecture and drawing, she subverts our preconceived notions of space (and place) and the ways in which the collective movement of our bodies negotiate territory. Collaboratively produced by three institutions, this first monograph on the work of the artist contains two essays and an interview. Marie-Josée Laframboise has exhibited nationally and internationally most recently at The Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain de Nice. In English and French.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (03/2011) 144 pp 100 ill. 9 x 6 in softcover  978-2-921801-48-5   $30.00 Can.  $35.00 U.S.

Samuel Roy-Bois: Polarizer

Ryan Doherty

roybois.gifspacer.gifThe work of Samuel Roy-Bois resists categorization, freely mixing drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, music, architecture and literature to create large-scale installations that compell the viewer to enter. Polarizer presents a new body of work that continues to address an interest in mystery, passage and a shift in perception. Using a dizzying variety of found and constructed objects, Roy-Bois invites the viewer on an odyssey through murky corridors punctuated by moments of discovery, reverie and radiance. Originally from Québec, the artist now lives in Vancouver. Co-published with the Robert Mclaughlin Gallery and Rodman Hall Arts Centre.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (12/2009) 80 pp 30 col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 978-1-894699-48-8 $20.00 Can. $22.00 U.S.

Mary Kavanagh: Seeking Georgia - Mapping O’Keeffe Country

Gerta Moray

Through an investigation of the multiple industries that surround painter and feminist icon Georgia O'Keeffe, Mary Kavanagh examines the production of cultural history, the cult of personality, and the detrimental effects of tourism on arts scholarship. Kavanagh's work encompasses a broad range of media including audio, video, and performance and is produced by researching and interpreting specific histories through sustained engagement with the material and cultural residue that accumulates with the passage of time.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (02/2009) 144 pp col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894699-43-3 $25.00 Can. $26.95 U.S.

Tanya Harnett: Persona grata

David Garneau

Tanya Harnett’s new series of photographic works explore the many and diverse layers of her being through self-portraiture. Harnett reflects on her First Nations heritage and how it has been culturally defined and redefined through the parameters of a westernized education. The complexity of this history is subtly but relentlessly pursued through the lens of the camera.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (01/2009) 58 pp 19 col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 978-1-894699-41-9 $20.00 Can. $21.95 U.S

Robbin Deyo: Sweet Sensation
Mark Nullin & Jeanne Randolphe

Deyo's labour-intensive work includes wax-covered objects that give the appearance of candy, cakes and other confectionery delights. Hundreds of cookie cutter shapes adorn gallery walls and tempt patrons with their alluring colours and sugary appeal. Her work, subtly sculptural and architectural, hints at themes of gender roles and hyper-consumerism. An exploratory essay by Mullin is accompanied by poetic musings by Randolphe. In English and French.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (09/2006) 56 pp 22 col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover 1-894699-31-9 $20.00 Can./U.S.

Lisa Klapstock: Liminal
Alison Nordström & Scott McLeod

Lisa Klapstock's photographic practice challenges visual perception of everyday urban environments. This splendid first monograph, illustrated with dozens of colour plates, presents several series produced from the late 1990s to today. Living Room documents the hidden life of urban back lanes. Threshold - scenes shot through holes in backyard fences - reveals views that are invisible to the naked eye. Ambiguous Landscapes juxtaposes stark landscapes with and without the human figure (Klapstock herself). While the work is highly formalized and richly textured, Klapstock's overriding concern is the gray area between private and public and how, as both artist and woman, one inhabites that space. In English and French. Lisa Klapstock has exhibited at George Eastman House, Presentation House Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Alison Nordström is Curator of Photography at George Eastman House. Scott McLeod is editor and publisher of Prefix magazine.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery / Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery (2006) 96 pp 57 col. ill. 1-894699-33-5 hardcover $39.95 Can./U.S.

Ed Pien: In a Realm of Others
Gordon Hatt, Tila Kellman & Linda Jansma

Ed Pien's integration of drawing into an installation format has created a new vocabulary for this elemental medium. His exuberant drawing style with images drawn from both Chinese and European sources has given new life to a traditionally formal endeavor. Here he explores the world of ghosts with drawings, dramatic lighting, projections, soundscapes and the videotaped telling of actual encounters. While Pien's work calls up any number of mythic, ritualistic and actual journeys and while his images evoke violence, suffering and deprivation, the visitor walks away from the multi-sensorial experience feeling uplifted and elated. Ed Pien has exhibited widely, notably at The Drawing Center (New York), Overslag and Eindhoven (Amsterdam), The Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris) and the Middlesbrough Art Gallery (England). Co-published with Cambridge Galleries.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery / Robert McLaughlin Gallery (2006) 96 pp 30 col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 1-894699-32-7 $20.00 Can./U.S.

Faye HeavyShield: Blood
Paul Chaat Smith

Faye HeavyShield was born on Alberta's Stand Off Reserve and is a member of the Blood nation. Her minimalist installations are powerful fusions of her Christian and Native backgrounds. After a lengthy hiatus HeavyShield presents a powerful new work, Blood, an evocation of the personal, political and historical realities of the First Nations' experience. Paul Chaat Smith is associate curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian and author of Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee (New Press). His essay intertwines thoughts on the work of Faye HeavyShield and on the opening of National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (10/2005) 48 pp 14 ill. (6 col.) 9 x 6 in softcover 1-894699-30-0 $15.00 Can./U.S.

Lethbridge Modern: Aspects of Architectural Modernism in Lethbridge from 1945-1970 (Volume 1)
Gerald Forseth

Arthur Erickson's internationally renowned example of "brutalist modernism", the University of Lethbridge, is a featured example in this review of the surprising number of buildings designed under the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier in this relatively small community. Illustrated with photographs and architectural drawings that showcase modern design in educational, religious, commercial, and industrial buildings and modern homes. Forseth's essay is accompanied by an interview with Erickson. Gerald Forseth is a Calgary-based architect and architectural historian. In 2000 he curated the highly regarded architecture exhibition Calgary Modern at the Nickle Arts Museum.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2002) 56 pp 68 ill. (9 col.) 8.5x11 in softcover 1894699173 $25.00 (Can./U.S.)