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An Intimate Distance  
Ingrid Jenkner and Gloria Hickey

kidsspacer.gifAn examination of three multi-component works: Andrea Ward’s Hairstories, Glynis Humphrey’s Gorge and Suzanne Swannie’s Considering Two Small Forms, for Maja and Marta. ”

MSVU Art Gallery (01/2016) 40 pp col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover   9781894518734  $20.00 Can. $20.00 U.S.

Kids These Days
Ingrid Jenkner and Zoë Chan

Kids.jpgspacer.gifVideo, photographs, and graphic works drawn from the fields of anthropology, psychology and sociology, examine youth and youth cultures in the Canadian context.

MSVU Art Gallery (01/2016) 48 pp col. ill. 9.5 x 6 in softcover  9781894518741  $20.00 Can. $20.00 U.S.

Bridget Moser: Is this thing on?

Sarah Hollenberg and Stefan Hancherow

brigitmoser.jpgspacer.gifThe Toronto-based artist’s video and performance work integrates modern dance, experimental theatre, monologue, prop comedy and pop music.

MSVU Art Gallery (06/2015) 36 pp. col. ill. 8 x 6 in softcover   9781894518680   $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.

Voices in Longitude and Latitude
Marnina Gonick and Noam Gonick

videos.gifspacer.gifPublication accompanying a video installation about what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. The aspirations of teen-aged girls were recorded with individuals from communities across Canada: Inuit in Kugluktuk, Nunavut; trans-gender in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Jewish in Toronto, Ontario; and Congolese, Rwandan, Ethiopian and Sudanese immigrants in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

MSVU Art Gallery (06/2014) 32 pp col. ill. 7.5 x 5.5 in softcover  9781894518703   $20.00 Can. $24.00 U.S.

August Sander: Objective Romantic
George Steeves

sander.gifspacer.gifGeorge Steeves traces Sander’s career chronologically, showing how the photographer’s personality won the trust of his sitters and protected him from Nazi persecution. It concludes with a discussion of the posthumous editions of Sander’s projected People of the 20th Century (more than 600 portraits), the book he had always dreamed of but was unable to realize. .

MSVU Art Gallery (09/2013) 48 pp 17 bw ill. 10 x 8 in softcover  9781894518697  $25.00 Can. $29.00 U.S.

Kim Morgan: Range Light
Ingrid Jenker
kmorgan.gifspacer.gifFor Kim Morgan, the dilapidated range light that used to guide passenger ferries into a Prince Edward Island harbour is more than a memory of times past. Using latex rubber reinforced with mosquito netting, Morgan casts imprints of the exter ior and interior surfaces of the range light.

MSVU Art Gallery (02/2012) 36 pp 20 col. ill. 10 x 7 in softcover  978-1-894518-58-1 $20.00 Can. $23.00 U.S.


Susanna Heller: Intensive Care
Karen Wilkin 
sheller.gifspacer.gifFigures rarely appeared in Heller’s work before March 2010, when her husband was hospitalized with a devastating illness. To cope with the anxiety, during her bedside vigils Heller began to draw her agonized, silent husband and his setting.

MSVU Art Gallery (02/2012)  24 pp 15 col. ill. 10 x 6 in softcover 978-1-894518-63-5  $15.00 Can. $17.00 U.S.

Robert Tombs: The Morality of Paint

Marina Roy

roberttombs.gifspacer.gifErfurt Window is comprised of a painted obfuscation of a communist-era bookstore’s showcase windows in Erfurt, Germany. Robert Tombs is a graphic designer and visual artist whose award-winning print-based collaborations with artists, art galleries and academic presses are in numerous collections including the National Gallery of Canada and Columbia University.

MSVU Art Gallery (2011)  32 pp 24 col. ill. 9.5 x 6.5 in softcover  9780987769701  $15.00 Can. $17.00 U.S.


Lisette Model: A Performance in Photography
George Steeves 
model.gifspacer.gifPhotographer Lisette Model (1901-1983) is equally renowned for her shoot-and-run portraits of strangers and her mystification of her own life story. Viewing Model as a performer as much as a photographer, the author dissects her art, technique, and tumultuous working life as lived in three distinct acts.

MSVU Art Gallery (09/2011) 48 pp 14 bw ill 10 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894518-62-8  $20.00 Can. $23.95 U.S.

Earth Skins: Three Decades of Drawing by Susan Wood
Susan Gibson Garvey

earthskins.gifspacer.gifMeticulously rendered in a variety of graphic techniques, often on sumptuously textured handmade papers, these works embody the idea of finitude, reflecting the poignancy of brief lives and the fragility of temporal existence.

MSVU Art Gallery (09/2011) 56 pp 46 col. ill. 12 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894518-61-1 $20.00 Can. $23.95 U.S.

Susan Feindel: See Below
Ingrid Jenkner

Fiendel’s unstretched, ink-painted canvases suggest a submerged, downward-looking view of the benthic habitat. Also discussed is a series of perforated ink and wash North Atlantic “map” drawings evoking the migratory movements of sea creatures. Two essays and an artist’s statement.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (09/2010) 32 pp col. ill. 11 x 6.5 in softcover  978-1-894518-54-3   $20.00 Can. $23.95 U.S

Somewhere Along the Line
Katie Belcher & Ingrid Jenkner 
Publication of a group exhibition of two- and three-dimensional drawings by Lucie Chan, David Dahms, Michelle Gay, Massimo Guerrera, Sophie Jodoin, Anne Macmillan, Audrey Nicoll, Ed Pien and Lucy Pullen. Amplifying the emphasis on process-oriented execution, the drawings selected depict motifs in transition -  dissolving, connecting, fusing and forming. 

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (11/2009) 48 pp 24 col. ill 8.5 x 8.5 in softcover 978-1-894518-52-9  $20.00 Can. $21.95 U.S.

Suzanne Swannie textil : Danish Modern

Ingrid Jenkner, Rachel Gotlieb, Sheila Stevenson & Ron Shuebrook

This retrospective publication documents the weavings and textile installations of Suzanne Swannie.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (10/2008) 64 pp 20 col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894518-47-5 $20.00 ($24.00 U.S. / 16 euros)

George Steeves: Photographs
Ingrid Jenkner & Peter Schwenger

For over twenty years the Canadian photographer has been creating staged eroticized performances with himself and his friends as subjects. Positioned at the convergence of disciplines, Steeves's practice is marked by a frank, unidealized nudity within a context of cultural erudition.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (03/2007) 48 pp 25 ill. 11 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894518-37-6 $20.00 Can./U.S.

Placing Spaces, Spacing Places: Canadian Experimental Films & Video since 1990
Gerda J. Cammaer

Following Changing Times, Time Changing, a look at experimental Canadian film and video up until 1990 (see below), this new publication presents and discusses 28 works produced by both emerging and celebrated artists including Michael Snow and Nelson Henricks. Cammaer discusses formal qualities and the creative use of filmic space against the tremendous social upheaval of the past decade.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2003) 36 pp 17 ill. 8x6 in 1894518160 $15.00 Can./U.S. (11 euros)

Changing Times, Time Changes: Canadian Experimental Films & Videos of the 1990s
Gerda Johanna Cammaer

"In experimental work, time is almost tangible; it has substantial value," says filmmaker Gerda Cammaer. Accordingly, her selection highlights works in which time is used to create a physical experience, presented as a theme, or treated as a receptacle in which to collect images. The intimate, personal and self-reflective tone of these films and videos contrasts with the grand discursive scope of 1980s media art. Cammaer provides an essay and synopses of 26 works by 20 artists including Louise Bourque, Nelson Henricks, Mike Hoolboom, Gunilla Josephson and Ho Tam.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2002) 35 pages, 10 ill. 8x7 in. softcover 189451811x $15.00

QC: Queer Commodity
Steven Bruhm & Spencer Ramsay

Designed to look like a glossy periodical while mimicking the very idea, this exhibition catalogue presents the work of Dyke Action Machine (New York City), Michael Hickey (St. John's) and Johannes Zits (Toronto). Two essays explore queer art and culture within and outside of the mainstream. The back cover's graphic cleverly subverts classic advertising with lesbian politics.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2002) 16 pages, 10 col. ill. 10x8 in 1894518071 $10.00

Brenda Pelkey: Haunts
Ingrid Jenkner & Brenda Pelkey

Formerly a documentary photographer, the Saskatoon resident has turned to a subject matter that can only be called psychic landscape. Jenkner delves into the work and identifies two merging contradictions. Like the artist herself the works are open and the views large but at the same time they are rigorously controlled, technically pristine and purposely stylized. Pelkey describes her practice as "centered on subjective experience...informed but not constrained by readings in social psychology and feminist cultural geographies." Her colour plates (with three-page colour fold-outs) are simply entitled "Ocean", "Bush" or "Forest" and present a world that is recognizably Canadian yet decidedly personal.

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2002) 36 pages, 7 col. ill. 9x9 in. 189451808x $15.00

Arnaud Maggs: Notification I
Russell Keziere

'Notification I' is a formally mounted series of 96 colour photographs of the envelopes used for the mailing of death notices in 19th century France. The accompanying essay elucidates both the documentary as well as the highly personal nature of this relentless preoccupation with identity.

Art Gallery Mount Saint Vincent University (1998) 28 p., ill., 1895215838 $10.00